Post-surgical Nursing Services :

One of the major problems for tourists traveling to Iran or any other country for treatment is post-surgical services.

The patient is usually discharged after surgery and the hospital no longer provides services to the patient.

That is why we at World Broadcast Company work in partnership with Rose Nursing Services Company to provide the necessary human resources to perform post-treatment care, such as caring for the patient, doing personal patient care, supervising the patient after surgery and … It has tried to solve these problems as well, so that patients and tourists traveling to Iran for treatment, without worrying about their medical care, do not have to worry about it.

Our company works with the most renowned hospitals nationwide.

These include the following hospitals:

Maryam Hospital

Hazrat Fatemeh Hospital

Hashemi Nejad Hospital

Toos Hospital

Shahid Rajaee Hospital

Moheb Mehr Hospital


Using the services of World Broadcasting Company Slow Broadcast. Do your health care in Iran with ease and with the least amount of time.


Contract hospitals with JPA Company:

Choose the best hospital for your illness by introducing top hospitals in the field of general and specialized surgical services under the supervision of World Broadcasting Company.