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About Hashemi Nejad Hospital

Shahid Hashemi Nejad’s Specialty Hospital was dedicated by the late Daryani in year 6, and has continued to operate as a national center for the treatment of kidney disease for two years.

It is a central teaching-research hospital and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and is one of the affiliated hospitals of Iran University of Medical Sciences. Specialized services in the fields of urology, nephrology, kidney transplantation, and vascular surgery are offered at this hospital.

It was in the fall of 2008, when the Hashemitejad Center was in full swing and on the verge of closure. As the presidency changed, the effort to revitalize the organization began. Now, after years of going through numerous counts, we are in a position to be recognized as one of the leading providers of health care in the country and the region, and have achieved the highest rank among hospitals in the country over the past several years. We have gained in evaluations. But being in this position does not deter us from moving towards excellence, and we will all continue our path of excellence with the utmost faith and effort to provide service to our dear people in a respectful environment.


Our specialized clinics:

Among the services provided by us at Hashemi Nejad Hospital are the following:


Kidney, prostate and liver sections


Imaging section


Dialysis section


Physiotherapy department


Link section


Department of Pathology


Nuclear Medicine Unit


Infection Control Section

Our team at this hospital

Meet the Collection Doctors

Dr.Bahare Marghoub

Internal specialist and nephrologist

Dr.Mehrda Mesbah Kiayi

Vascular Surgery Specialist

Dr.Kaveh Mehr Avaran


Dr.Pezhman Shapour

Pediatric Urology and Laparoscopic Fellowship

Dr.Masoud Etemadian