Introducing Surgery Types:

Among the most important surgeries are:

* Electrocardiography and Angioplasty – Electrophysiology of the heart and pacemaker
* Cardiac surgery, adult and pediatric open heart surgery and 
*  …Orthopedics – Spine and Joint Replacement
* Urology (kidney and urinary tract)
* General surgery
* Obesity – Laparoscopic Surgery
* Vascular surgery
* Men and women surgery
* Eye
* Kidney Disease and Blood Pressure (Nephrology) – Dialysis

* Nuclear scan
* Dentistry of heart patients
* Angiography
* 24-hour emergency
* fitness test
* Angiography and angioplasty
* Eco cardiography
* Endoscopy and bronchoscopy
* Pediatrics and Obstetrics Department
* Infertility and IVF
* Transplant, dialysis and …

* Hand surgery, maxillofacial surgery
* Physiotherapy department
* Restorative burn section
* Laser section
* Beauty section

* Pathology section


Hospitals offering all kinds of surgical services:

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